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Guardian Performance Solutions is a specialty compliance consulting firm established to help investment management firms to comply with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Many investment managers recognize the need to claim compliance with the GIPS® standards and to be verified. However, firms often skip the step of achieving compliance with the GIPS® standards and proceed directly to verification. At Guardian Performance Solutions, we work with our clients to develop a comprehensive GIPS® compliance program so that they can then be ready for a successful and efficient verification.


Because we don’t provide verification services, we are free from independence concerns and can take a hands-on approach to developing and managing the GIPS® compliance process. A common misperception is that a verifier can bring a firm into compliance with the GIPS® standards. In fact, verifiers are limited in what they can do for a firm because of the necessity that they remain independent from any business decisions and avoid situations where they are verifying their own work. If a verifier were to provide the level of service necessary to make a firm compliant, their independence would likely be compromised and they would be unable to issue an unbiased verification opinion. (See the GIPS® Guidance Statement on Verifier Independence for more details.)


Guardian Performance Solutions was established specifically to fill this gap. We do not provide verification or other services that would create potential conflicts. Because of this, we are not only able to develop a plan for our clients, but we also implement that plan. Our hands are not tied by independence concerns, which allows us to provide the most comprehensive GIPS® compliance services possible.